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Monday, April 27, 2009

So my powerbook is dying. I can’t complain; it’s five years old now. I’ve had it for four of those years, and I haven’t been easy on it. It’s been eaten over, spilled on, dented, knocked over, scratched, dropped, shed upon and clawed by malevolent cats. I’ve taken it into the bathtub with me, used it in the rain. It’s been the novel I curl up in bed with. It’s been my boombox. It’s been my shop manual. It’s been my cookbook, which is a particularly bad idea when baking, since sifted flour and electronics don’t really get along. It’s had a hard life, and the battery is gone, the screen has been going for a year or so, the fan’s been dicky since last fall. In the past few days, I’ve been getting more and more beachballs, and even Firefox is a challenge to run. So it’s time to think about replacing it. My little powerbook has been good to me, and I’ve been happy to own it. Never gave me a moment’s trouble in its long life.

The thing is, I don’t particularly like any of the current configurations Apple is offering. The macbook is pretty, but expensive, and it seems underpowered. $1200 is a lot to spend. The white macbook seems like just as much power, for less, which is closer to my price range, but even at $1000, it’s a bit spendy, and it seems like the macbook line has had more than its share of problems, everything from hinges to chipsets, and the thing I liked most about my old mac was its indestructibility.

Speed and power aren’t immediately important to me, although I do want something fast enough to stay useful for a few years. I’ve switched jobs, so I don’t need to run design software, and while I might want something for music editing and mixing, I’m not likely to need that any time soon, and can probably borrow what I do need. For the next two years, and probably past that, I’ll be using internet apps and a word processor and probably iTunes, and that’s about it. A netbook, then, is looking pretty attractive. I prefer OSX to Windows, but I am given to understand a netbook could be made to run OSX. There’s also linux, but my limited experience with it (using scott's partitioned machine) has been a bit off-putting; it seems like there's always a driver missing, or some damn thing. Customisability would be a fun diversion, but it's not something I particularly need. Mostly I just want something that will work whenever I turn it on.

It's a choice, then, I think, between dropping $1000 on a white macbook, or dropping $400 on a netbook, probably the Asus eee 1000H. Thoughts?


Blogger Tori said...

I have fierce brand loyalty to Apple. It's especially dumb if you really can run OSX on some windows machines, but I like seeing the Apple on the back of my computer.

4/27/2009 5:20 PM  
Blogger Plover said...

K. just ordered one of these (the Linux version), and it should be coming tomorrow. I'll let you know what she thinks of it.

4/27/2009 5:23 PM  
Blogger Martin said...

...the bathtub?

4/27/2009 6:17 PM  
Anonymous liz said...

I have a black MacBook and Remi just bought a white one. It is far and away the best computer I've ever owned, including being the best Windows machine. When I use a Windows machine in the lab, or the 4 year old ThinkPad I used to have, I'm amazed by just how much of a more pleasant computing experience OSX on a computer that works is.

Which is just to say, if you have not used Windows recently, you have forgotten how much it sucks.

4/27/2009 6:28 PM  
Anonymous anne said...

lots of people read in the bathtub, martin!

i get the apple brand loyalty thing, i was just worried that they were no longer so awesome. pulling a sony, if you will. i have to use windows at school, so i'm reminded of just how much it sucks each day. i definitely don't want a windows machine, i but might be open to linux, since OSX is its relative.

i will await K.'s opinion with bated breath! i like the eees a lot.

liz, how long have you had your macbook? other than that case issue, has it given you any trouble?

4/27/2009 6:57 PM  
Blogger Moss said...

Apple sometimes has pretty good deals on refurbished MacBooks--that might be one option to look at.

Linux is really painful and frustrating in a lot of ways. I suspect it's somewhat better on a netbook, where the hardware's built for it and you're doing a limited number of reasonably well supported things. But it still doesn't have the same elegance and grace you get on a Mac. On the other hand, it's reliable, powerful, and relatively virus-free. And the price is right, certainly. And the eee is just adorable, and would be easy to carry around. Eee!

If you do go with a Mac, having lots of memory is more important than having the fastest possible processor.

4/27/2009 8:19 PM  
Anonymous mike said...

If Hackintoshing a netbook were feasible in a weekend (which is to say, nothing like trying to install Linux on commodity hardware in the mid-90s, when Sunday night found me editing X11 config files for hours on end), I'd be sorely tempted to buy a netbook and do that. Knowing I could destroy one in the process and buy another one and the pair would still be cheaper than the MacBook would be a big draw for me.

That said, after 5 years I am a confirmed Mac user, and if I had $1000 which wasn't in the running to cover other expenses (there's the rub), I would buy the white MacBook without regret.

For all the recent refreshes, I went through a lot of puzzling before picking out a new Mac. The current selection's no picnic to pick through. No Blu-Ray drives on the high end, no FireWire on the $1200 MacBook, iMacs which have only really been speedbumped for a couple of years, MiniDisplayPort, etc. Meh.

4/27/2009 8:49 PM  
Blogger Remi said...

Liz has had her current Macbook for a little over a year and it has run without a hitch. The shedding of the case was annoying, but has worn away (and would be easily fixable through Apple).

I'm doing relatively high-end graphics work on mine in CS4, and it is running without a hitch. The fact that it comes with 2GB of memory is a boon, as far as all that goes. Granted, it's new, but my only complaint so far is a slightly small HD (120 gigs) and it runs a little hot (not fun in the pre-Summer heatwave).

My friend Clinton, a programmer, has had one of the slightly older white macbooks for two years calls it "the best computer I've ever owned". (He owns an eeePC and loved it at first, but I haven't heard much about it since)

More grist for the mill.

4/27/2009 9:10 PM  
Blogger Nate said...

I have a MacBook Pro at work that I haul around all the time and an iMac at home. The MBP's been great, though it seems more prone to hang-ups than my iMac is. (The iMac seems to never have problems. Ever.)

Since almost everything I do, however, involves multiple Adobe programs, my use-case shares almost nothing in common with yours.

4/28/2009 6:57 AM  
Anonymous liz said...

It did occur to me that one thing that makes owning a Mac easy for us is that we have an Apple Store in town (and the campus computer store is an authorized service center as well), so repairs are just a matter of setting up an appointment and going. If repairs mean mailing your MacBook somewhere, that is less convenient and probably reduces one of the big advantages Apple has over Acer.

4/28/2009 9:08 AM  
Blogger Erika said...

I have an EeePC, and I'm quite fond of it. I'm running Linux, but not the Linux they put on it. After two weeks of fighting I finally followed a friend's advice and installed Ubuntu from a thumb drive. Suddenly the machine was transformed into a usable device! Ubuntu is actually on a par with mac and windows as far as usability is concerned, and there's a ton of free software available through its handy-dandy downloader, some of which is cool and not available for windows or mac. As for installing things without the handy-dandy downloader, well, that's more or less beyond my current skill level. It's still Linux on some level, and having some hacking skills or a hackerish attitude helps. But I find it pretty comfortable. The one thing is that not all the multimedia stuff that came with the machine works-- supposedly you could do video chat in the original configuration, but I can't get it to do more than take pictures. Make sure you get the proper eeepc version of Ubuntu, I forget who made it, ask me later.

It is not fast. It quickly becomes clear that having lots of firefox windows open is a burden on the poor thing, and it's not the best way to watch video. But generally with a bit of patience it does fine. I like it for coding and for writing, since I can drag it round with me.

4/29/2009 8:19 PM  
Blogger Plover said...

That's great to know, Erika. I just told K., and she's very happy. She used to be a Unix sysadmin, but a long time ago, and has lost most of her chops. She's not too interested in spending lots and lots of time configuring her Eee, but she's a bit frustrated with the OS it came with. So a special Eee version of Ubuntu sounds perfect.

4/29/2009 9:03 PM  
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